A beautiful content management interface

A beautiful content management interface

The Django admin interface is a powerful application in order to manage your data. Grappelli adds a consistent and grid-based look & feel and some nifty features.



  • Clean and consistent look & feel
  • Related lookups with Autocompletes
  • Inline sortables with Drag & Drop
  • Compass-based CSS
  • Integrated TinyMCE theme
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Improved collapsibles
  • Unified jQuery-Plugins
  • Compatible with django—filebrowser

Jazz it up

Developers & Designers

Rapidly build a smart and beautiful CMS based on Djangos automatic admin site and Grappelli.

Editors & Customers

Update your website with an elegant, easy-to-use and feature-rich administration interface.


Define Search Options, Filter and Date-Hierarchy based on your contents and your editors needs



The latest stable version is 3.0.8 (released in September 2023) and requires Django 4.0.
Grappelli is licensed under the New BSD License.